Airsoft at S.W.A.T Parkgate intensive all action site

S.W.A.T Parkgate is located on the Wirral with easy access from Chester and Liverpool and surrounding areas, we have amazing views of the North Wales coastline where you can see the entire of the Flintshire coast including the towns of Flint and Holywell

The site is a compact woodland site, which makes for intensive all action site, you wont be lost wondering where everyone has gone!

The size of the site makes it ideal for new players and experienced players, as you will always be near your team mates who can help you out.

We have lots of defensive positions and bridges so the game is not just played on one level, so look out for those attacking from above!

The site boasts an amazing safe zone, where you can unpack the car and be near other players in between games to talk about that amazing kill or about your favorite airsoft gun

We also have toilets so no need to hide behind a tree

How to find us

Our address is
Boat house lane
CH64 3TB

We are not far away from many from locations

  • Airsoft from Liverpool it only 28 minutes away
  • Airsoft from Wallasey it only 19 minutes away
  • Airsoft from Ellesmere Port it only 17 minutes away
  • Airsoft from Chester it only 21 minutes away
  • Airsoft from Flint it only 24 minutes away
  • Airsoft from Holywell it only 29 minutes away
  • From our old site Kinmel woods 42 minutes away