Coivd measures to keep us all safe

We have made major changes to our facilities to enhance and protect all our players attending our airsoft venues and from the COVID19 corona virus.

  • Upon arriving please park in the car park.
  • Maintain social distancing and remain in your bubble of no more than six from one household or less.
  • Make your way to reception, a member of staff will greet you and explain booking in procedure.
  • The booking in procedure is done in sterile conditions with a one-use pen which will be provided and then placed into a contaminated box. A form will be required to be filled in and also any visitors will be required to provide a name and phone number for our track and trace system.
  • All staff will be wearing masks and gloves for this booking in. Temperature checks will be conducted prior to booking in.
  • Once booking has commenced a safety talk/induction has commenced covid 19 counter measures will be advised.
  • Once booking has commenced a safety talk will be given by a member of our team.
  • Once the safety talk/induction has commenced covid 19 counter measures will be advised.
  • You will then be prompted to obtain the remainder of the required equipment to play airsoft Gun and face protection unless you have your own equipment.
  • This will be handed out to you by a member of staff, who will be wearing protection.
  • Do not share or swap your equipment at all.
  • Once all your kit is attained, go to the front office to obtain your ammo, this will be handed to you in sterile condition.
  • Once playing there is no physical contact permitted which is an industry norm in any event.
  • If your mask fogs or google fog up, go to the fogging station either in the safe zone or on the remote quad station.
  • Ammo and sterilisation methods are in place on the remote quad bike, this allows us to keep players in the game zone and enhances Covid 19 counter measures.
  • At any opportunity of contact with any products or equipment, use gel provided.
  • Gel stations are around the safe-zone in quantity and all players are encouraged to use these stations as much as possible.
  • Toilets have their own procedure which is detailed within the brief and supported by instructions within the toilet block.
  • Staff will be carrying gel to dispense if you need it, please ask.
  • At the end of your session hand all equipment and clothing in to our team again this will be done in sterile conditions.

We trust your experience with Shock has been memorable and not detracted by our system to combat Covid 19.