Shock prices for events and shop

Game Fees

Unless otherwise stated for an event the following game fees apply;

Walk on £30.00
Booking online £25.00
Hire kit (if required subject to prior booking) £10 includes Gun, eye protection and overalls plus 1 mag of BB's

Prices include; Lunch, Tea and Coffee, and as much fun as you can have with your clothes on!

For more information about membership please speak to us at site.



0.2g BB's Bottle (3000) £8.00
0.25g BB's Bottle (3000) £10.00
0.30g BB's Bottle (3000) £15.00
Refill Service 3000 0.2g BB's £6.00

Pyrotechnics OVER 18'S ONLY

90 Second Smoke
Thunder flash