Learn about what is Airsoft?

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a sport where we engage in simulated gun combat tying to eliminate the opposing players. In different battle like scenarios. The guns fire plastic 6mm balls. The closest thing to describe it is its like real life Call of Duty with respawning.

Player looking down their airsoft gun


Airsoft came from Japan around the 1970s by a man called Ichiro Nagata, who wanted to design a gun that could fire a projectile but that would not kill. The guns used compressed Freon silicone oil mixture for propellent, and they got the name soft air gun. The guns were originally used for safer target shooting, but was then used for casual wargames shooting at each other.

In the late 1980s early 1990 airsoft came to the UK, and if you bought one you had to assemble it yourself.

Nowadays airsoft guns are purely used for the sport with all sorts of airsoft guns replicating their real counterparts

player with hire kit

Guns Types

Guns are split into 3 main categories

  1. Spring powered. These you manually compress the spring yourself, and you must do it for every shot. Common in bolt action sniper rifles and shot guns.
  2. Gas (co2 / silicone gas). These used compress air to propel the bb and load the next bb in the chamber so can be semi auto and fully automatic. Most common in pistols.
  3. Automatic electric guns (AEG). These use a battery and a motor to compress the spring and can fire semi and fully automatic, these are the most common gun use in airsoft and will be the first gun you will use as hire kit.

Airsoft guns come in all shapes and sizes and you got airsoft versions of nearly all real steal counterparts.

Players taking cover

Who can play airsoft?

Any one can play airsoft over the age of 12. You don’t have to be fit to play, you will find at our woodland site, people of our shapes and sizes playing.

The small fast players like to charge to the objective and take it over quickly.

The larger guys like to take bigger heavier weapons, to provide support.

You have players who like to sit and wait and ambush people.

Then you have the snipers who sit at back and pick people off at range.

No matter what is your ability and size you will find a role in airsoft that you can enjoy.

Player peering over tyres

Does it hurt?

The best way to describe it is its like someone flicking an elastic band at you. You can feel it and you might get a red mark but the mark will soon go. If you have played paintballing it is no where near the pain of paintballing.

If you are worried about the pain wear more layers of clothing and baggy clothing. A big factor of pain level is the range you are being shot at. At real long ranges it will feel like a rain drop at real close range you will feel it but only for a couple of seconds and you will no longer notice it.

Player against tree

How do you know when you are hit?

You will feel it, or hear it. It might be a tug on the clothing or a ping of your vest. Airsoft is all about honesty, if you think you might have been hit even if you not sure call the hit. When hit shout hit and put your hand in the air, if you are lying down stand up and move away from the cover. This will stop other players from shooting you again as they might not see your hand up.

Don’t worry when you get hit, most games will have medic rules so you can put back into that play that way or you can walk back to your start point and star again

Player outside CQB

Is it like paintball?

Yes and no, we play similar games to paintball. However, airsoft is a lot more realistic, we use guns that look and feel like the real thing, as if you see a paintball gun you know it’s a paint ball gun.

Airsoft guns shoot a lot further than paint ball guns, and the projectile fire straighter for longer.

The other main advantage is the cost airsoft is significant cheaper than paintballing.

We only have to wash mud out of our clothes not paint