New Player Starter Gear for airsoft

If you are starting airsoft and wanting to get your own gear, below is guide of the order to get things in.

Most players always want to get straight into buying a gun, but I would start with little bits of gear that will make you more comfortable and if you change your mind about the sport of airsoft you have not spent too much yet. I would also start of with cheap gear until you know what you like, I ended up with 7 sets of eye protection until I found something that works for me.

The order below is what I would recommend getting as needed the most to least

1. Eye protection

First thing is eye protection you only have one set of eyes, so you need to get something that is comfortable for you.

Most players like wearing simple glasses which do allow quite good airflow, Others full prefer full seal, which do give better protection but have a higher chance of steaming up.

2. Face protection

It always good to protect your teeth but it gives you more confidence when entering buildings, to have your face protected. In the UK adults don’t have to wear face protection but under 18s need to wear full protection

OneTigris face protection this is what I wear I find it really comfortable and adjustable and comes in multiple colours so you can find one that matches your gear

Another option for under 18s is a full mask, you can paint your own design on them to make you look unique

Mesh Mask Full Mask

3. Gloves

Gloves may seem a weird to be number 3 on my list, however been shot in the hand is one of the most painful place to get hit, you can wear any type of gloves but they need to be thin enough that you can still undo zips on your gear and of course to fire you weapon.

Airsoft sites are not like walks in the park, there is fallen trees to climb over, nettles and brambles and having your hands protected means you can move these things out the way. Also, its handy in winter because it can be very cold.

These gloves have knuckle protection which do stop them wearing out so quickly as you run your knuckles against rough tree bark taking aim behind a tree.

Gloves Gloves

4. Boots

Boots are important, there is loads of things to trip over. Routes, tyres and just mud.

With boots you want good ankle protection, and very good grip in the mud. I would suggest getting waterproof ones as airsoft does not stop for rain.

Walking boots work quite well and are cheap.

Boots Boots

5. Clothing

This personal choice, a lot of player are wearing MTP Camo, this is because its cheap and easy to get second hand, however any dark or green colours will work well in a woodland site. Some players just like playing in track suits.

However, I prefer to play in combat BDU mainly its only used for airsoft, so I don’t care if I get muddy and if you do tear it, it does not matter.

This does mean if I see a patch of brambles ill go through them and get the surprise on the opponent.

Clothing Clothing