Meet the player: Stephen Norburn

A bit about me

My name is Ste, but my call sign is Ghost. I live in Ormskirk and have been playing Airsoft for over 10 years. I started at my local site Bravo 2-2, which was a mere 10 minute drive from my house. Since then I have spread my wings and traveled up and down the UK playing at quite a few different sites.

Ghost Aiming

Why Airsoft?

Since a young age, I have had an almost unhealthy obsession with firearms and Airsoft, to me, was a way to own and use as close to the real thing as the law permitted without having to go through the hassle of getting a FAC. After my first game all those years ago, I was hooked. Almost all my free time was spent looking at kit and RIFs, so much so that my kit has changed more times than I can count and I don’t want to think about just how much money I have spent on the sport.

The teamwork element of Airsoft has always drawn me in. I have been in and run my own teams throughout my Airsoft life. I am now a proud member of The Wolfpack Airsoft team and have risen to become one of the section leaders within.

Ghost inbuilding

What kit do I use?

When I first started all those years ago, I used kit I had left over from my time in the cadets. S95 DPM head to toe with a webbing harness to carry my ammo and magazines. RIF wise, I had a Classic Army M4 and a WELL 1911 (both of which I still have somewhere). Fast forward to today and my kit has taken a drastic change. (Warning, big list coming);



  • Boots - Salomon Quest Prime GTX - lightweight and comfortable (so much so, you can sleep in them)
  • Pants - Emerson Gear G3 - either in OD or Multicam (mood dependent)
  • Shirt - Emerson Gear G3 combat shirt in Wolf Grey and Wolfpack team hoodie (weather dependent)
  • Neck - Shemagh in OD and Black (stops me getting shot in the throat)
  • Gloves - Mechanix Mpact fingerless in Tan
  • Eyepro - ESS ICE 2.0 with prescription inserts (I have had and used these for 10 years and they haven’t let me down yet)
  • Head - generic OD baseball cap


  • Belt rig - Warrior Assault Systems molle belt - 2 M4 mag pouches, dump pouch and safari land drop leg holster. All in Coyote Tan.
  • Plate carrier - Warrior Assault Systems RPC in Coyote Tan with Spiritus Systems Gen 4 front panel warrior 10L molle backpack and warrior drop pouch.

RIFs and other:

  • Main RIF - Tokyo Marui NGRS M4 - quite heavily upgraded. I have had all the internals of this RIF upgraded by Daves Custom Airsoft. The externals, I have modified myself. The list of modifications is too much to list here.
  • Secondary RIF - either Tokyo Marui G34, once again modified by myself. Or Army Armament STI 2011 (JW3 pistol)
  • Radio - Beofeng UV5R