Meet the player: Ben

Where do you live?

I live in Denbigh which is around 10-15 minutes away from Shock Airsoft which is perfect for me and means I don’t have to travel too far to get to the site.

Ben in smoke

How did you get into airsoft?

I had seen a few videos on Facebook and YouTube of people playing airsoft and their loadouts, the more I watched the more I was interested in starting. I then found myself looking at gear and guns to see what the prices would be to get into it and continue the hobby. It was at this point I noticed an old friend from high school who now works at Shock Airsoft but only played there at the time when it was Shock and Awe Airsoft, so I dropped him a message asking what it was like and for a few tips and how I should play first before buying any gear so he invited me down to play and said I could use one of his spare guns which was a G36C. so off I went that weekend to play my first day of airsoft and I have not looked back since.

Ben outside CQB

What was your first loadout?

After my first day of playing and using my friend Sam’s G36C I then bought one myself from the shop on site just to start off with. I wore some old walking pants I had, a t-shirt and a hoody, and some walking boots, for around a month or so I purchased by first chest rig which was a Tropic Multicam 8Fields Tactical Split Front Chest Harness.

Ben in first kit

What weapons do you have?

As I continued to love playing airsoft I thought it was now a good time to purchase another RIF, so off I went scouring the internet to find the one that suited my needs, this was when I found the Nuprol Delta Recon Alpha AEG. I spoke to Chris Douglas aka Panda about the gun and it was then ordered in for me and was in the shop the very next week.

This was my loadout for better part of a year until I fancied a change and purchased an Ares Amoeba Am-013 Honey Badger and a Raven 1911 from the Shock shop as well as a new harness that is more lightweight but has more storage on it which is now my current and main loadout

I got thinking back to the videos I used to watch before I started and how most of them were airsoft snipers, so I toyed the idea of buying one for a few months and ended up biting the bullet and purchasing the new Novritsch SSG10 A1.

Shock Airsoft has is split in to two sides, one of which is a dense woodland with some buildings/bases and a CQB area. The other is a more open woodland and less dense with some more bases which makes it great for getting those long-distance kills.

Ben in the woods

What makes you keep on coming back?

I’m not one for introducing myself into unfamiliar groups of people but once I bit the bullet and turned up at Shock Airsoft, I was made to feel extremely welcome and the staff there were very helpful and full of advice, over the time I have been going there I have made some great friends who all share the same hobby…being shot at and shooting other people with toy guns in the woods. I’ve never had a bad day playing at Shock Airsoft and always leave there with a smile on my face after having an amazing day filled with good game layouts and loads of laughter.

There are also the overnight games or away days that Shock Airsoft have which is great because you get to meet other players new and old and can even get some inspiration for loadouts. We also gather at the local pub for some food and some drinks afterwards which all are invited to should they wish to come.

As a regular player at Shock Airsoft, its great being able to play against all kinds of people that come and try it out or other experienced players. I also help marshal at the site from which is fun because I see other people’s styles of play