Meet the owner: Panda

Hi, I am Chris Douglas but everybody calls me Panda. I was born and still live in Liverpool. I am one of the owners and marshal of Shock Airsoft based in North Wales by Towyn which is handy for me as I have a caravan holiday home there for the summer.

Panda in the long grass

Before I started airsoft I trained and coached Thai boxing in the mma academy Liverpool. I then went to live and train in Thailand for 6 months when I came home a good friend Mike Wootten fellow coach and fighter for the mma academy took me to Shock and Awe Airsoft for the first time which I loved it! It was like real life Call of Duty I was in the TA / army reserves for a few years when I left school so I still had my old webbing and DPM jacket which helped me out and I still use them to play to this day.

Panda Thai boxing

I played airsoft for about 1 year as well as training Thai boxing before I ruptured my pcl in my knee so I could not do Thai boxing but to keep active I played more airsoft and midweek pistol shooting in the local shop or skirmish on a Sunday I then dragged my friend and work mate Mike Brown along one weekend and we have played ever since. We have our own team called the Panda Death Squad just a group of us then played at Shock and Awe. I then needed an op on my knee which was an 18-month recovery so I could not play, but I still went down and helped out at the site marshalling on game days, then taking over the site renaming it Shock Airsoft in 2020.

Panda first day

My guns: I have a few to say the least, this is a list of the best.
1 Asg evo this gun has never let me down shoots great out the box best airsoft buy so far.
2 Magpul m4 first ever airsoft gun and still use it now.
3 Dan Weston c02 1911 great pistol great in the cold in Wales.
4 Cyma Muscart launcher I use for my tag rounds anybody that knows me I love pyro so this thing is amazing.
5 Custom built M4 DMR from the Skunk Airsoft Works in Oldham.
6 The hpa mini gun great fun.
I have a lot more they are just my favourite

Panda with mini gun

What I enjoy about shock is the team and how friendly the staff and players are after airsoft most Sundays we go the local pub TY FRYY INN for food and have a chat about guns airsoft or just life. We also do a lot of camp over games play in the dark tracers and night vison all the cool stuff then camp over, make a camp fire and watch a movie in the safe zone the social side of airsoft is great. We also do a lot of away games to other airsoft sites which is great fun getting to try out new sites and game ideas with the lads that play at our site.

Panda in afghan kit