Meet the owner: Andy Smith

Where do you live?

I live in Pentre Halkyn just outside of Holywell, which is very close to the Alpha 55 airsoft site. It takes me around 20 minutes to get to Shock Airsoft site which makes it ideal for me.

Andy Smith in DPM loadout

How did you get into airsoft?

My daughter got invited to Llandegla Laser Combat for a birthday party and they had two adult guns left… I found it really fun, but one of the downsides was you had no idea where you were shooting as all you heard was a sound when you fired the gun but could not see anything. The gun would say when you hit someone.

I found I liked the experience and remembered James Studdart used to talk about airsoft, so I got talking to him and he told me more about the sport.

He invited me to my first game at Shock and Awe Airsoft now Shock Airsoft and never looked back.

Andy Smith in leaf suite

What was your first loadout?

My first load out was using the hire kit, at the time you got a G36. I had some boots that I worked around a farm in, and some work wear pants in black. I had and old army jacket from a surplus store from when I was a kid. I also got a cheap vest from ebay.

You don’t need any gear to start off though as it comes part of the hire kit package, but I found it more comfortable being in my own gear and being a larger guy, it would fit better.

I stuck with the hire kit for a while, and got my own eye and face protection, then got a set of mtp from an army surplus store. It took me a while before I got my first gun.

Andy Smith first day of airsoft

What weapons do you have?

It took me a while before deciding on a gun, I looked around and the players would let me use theirs to try them out.

I finally decided on an ASG Scorpion Evo Bet as had loads of good recommendations and is good out of the box. I was amazed when I used it for my first skirmish game with it, as the range was amazing compared to what I was used to.

I did find the evo a little long for close quarters combat and got myself a Glock pistol from the Shock shop. It did come handy not only for CQB but also as the evo only has 75 round magazines it was handy to swap to than reloading in some cases.

After that I got lured into the realms of sniping, shock is split up into two sides one is quite dense woodland good for the evo, but the other side has nice long line of sites which is perfect for sniping.

I looked round and found a Tokyo Muri VSR-10 with full PDI upgrades, as read online that if you don’t get an upgraded one you would get put off sniping. I loved the long range and accuracy of it, and being a fatter guy its good just to lie down and pick people off from afar.

This then leads me onto my next gun Tokyo Muri MK23, I found that Klock pistol was too noisy when I was using the sniper, and would get spotted easily when firing the pistol. The MK23 is so quite and it is funny watching players trying to work out where they have been shot from when you are so close.

I then got a tri-shot springer shotgun not really practical for woodland but it is such fun gun, and you get a real sense of achievement when you get kills with it.

I like using re-useable pyro. I have a 3 shot TRMR impact grenade and a timed grenade. I find them handy when attacking the CQB at the shock airsoft site.

Andy Smith with his Evo

What makes you keep on coming back?


I love the social aspect of airsoft, at Shock we quite often have overnight social where we order food from the local kebab shop and chat about guns and other things going on around the fire. I often camp overnight in my tent or in my hammock.

Everyone at shock is so friendly and new players are welcomed and the more experienced players teach them to get better. I used to go with a friend but I soon would just go anyway as was comfortable going by myself.

I love the games types and they are always changing each week, and if you have a game idea let the marshal know and they will try it out

Andy Smiths Tent