Homemade airsoft target box.

First off thanks to Lundy’s Wildcamp / Bushcraft for letting us use his video

In this video he will show you how to make a target for a catapult but will work for brilliantly for our airsoft needs.

Things we will need

  • Large carboard box
  • Cans for targets
  • Spoons for targets
  • Four sticks
  • Knife
  • Paracord / string
  • Pliers
  • Screw driver
  • Metal plates for targets (optional)
  • Old clothing
  • Tape

Method - Steps to make the target

Take the cardboard box and cut of one of the long and two of the short flaps on where the carboard box opens.

The last long flap cut this one in half, this will give you target a bigger area to shoot into.

Fold the flap back into the close position and tape it down on each side. This will make it so the BBs do not fall out of the box. You will see how it looks like now as the flap will be the bottom of the target when the box is on its side.

The box should look something like this now

Outside of the box

Cut paracord / string a bit longer than the length of the box.

Poke a hole in each side of the box the length screwdriver down so it’s the same height on each side

Thread you paracord / string through the holes, and tie a knot around one of the sticks pull tight so it wont go through the box. Then at the other end thread through the hole again and tie a knot around the stick

Outside of the box showing stick

You have the string through the centre of the box and is ready for the targets

Next get the spoons and bend them round on them selves so it makes a hook, which you can not hang on the string. Do this with both you spoons

Next put another string through the same way as you did the first, this need to be very close to the top and at the very back. This is so we can hang the clothes to catch the BBs. If using clothes, you can thread the string through them or just drape it over.

Make sure your back-stop material is covering the whole of the back of the box, otherwise your BBs will go straight through it.

You can then hang anything you want to the string for a bit a fun, and any thing else you want on.

You can modify it how you want though. If you do make it please send it to Shock airsoft via face book so we can see your creations, and even add it to this page