The Codvid-19 2020 Raffle

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the raffle due to not enough tickets sold

We have refunded everyone who has bought tickets. If you have not received a refund please let us know

Hi all, we know times are hard and everybody is on lockdown, so we are going to give a raffle a try, to boost morale. So as we are a new business this will help to pay towards the bills, so we have somewhere to play when all this is over, and good news we will be having a price cut on game fees and member ships as well so keep your eyes open.

This will be a bonus ball raffle when all the tickets are sold, we will use the bonus ball from the lottery the following Saturday so the prize draw is fare and cannot be fixed.
It’s £15 for 1 number or 2 numbers for £20
There are only 59 numbers
Payment by via PayPal please state the numbers you would like as the ref.
Thank you for your support

Raffle Prizes

There are four prizes up for grabs

  • First Prize - The Bonus ball - Cyber gun saw paratrooper and a free game
  • Second Prize - First number out - Cyma Ak47 and a free game
  • Third Prize - Second number out - Free Membership and a free game
  • Fourth Prize - Third number out - free game
First Prize Ak

Numbers Taken so far

  1. Sarah Banham
  2. Adam Garvey
  3. Craig Philips
  4. Daniel Davies
  5. Rob Gibson
  6. Paul Dawson
  7. Gareth Hughes
  8. Sarah Banham
  9. Paul Gardner
  10. Christopher Richards
  11. Craig Philips
  12. Daniel Davies
  13. Dawn Nelson Whitehead
  14. Paul Dawson
  15. Stephen Norburn
  16. Adam Garvey
  17. Gareth Hughes
  18. P Whitehead
  19. Rob Gibson
  20. Paul Gardner
  21. Christopher Richards
  22. Stephen Norburn
  23. P Whitehead